Wood Effect Outdoor Tiles

Decor your outdoor space with wood effect tiles

Whether you prefer picnics, informal barbecues or fully blown cook outs, eating outside should feel like a different experience from the norm. Décor your outdoor space with Refin stoneware outdoor tiles to give to your outdoor space the right look & feel. There is a large variety of styles to choose from.

Your backyard space can be either a place to entertain guests or a place where you can spend tranquil moments in the sunshine or under a porch. To create a relaxing atmosphere simply use wood look stoneware tiles. The wood effect will add character to your special outdoor space.

Enhance any outdoor setting with a wood effect outdoor tiles that combines interesting shades with the style of the outdoor space you are looking for.

The weave of the furniture echoes the mood of the wood effect tiles. Shots of red in the plants connect with the colourful fabrics of the pillows in your outdoor space creating a sort of delicate and enjoyable continuity.

If you are looking for a basic effect you can definitely play with you outdoor wood effect tiles just dressing up the stairs leading to your patio or deck to create a natural and simple effect.