Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Ideas and Design

Tiles interpreting tactile and sensual emotions and feelings, the perfect choice for those who are more responsive to the shapes and colours of nature. Materials thought for a welcoming, natural and soft bathroom, for a trendy and sophisticated living style able to blend with any space.

Bathroom Porcelain Tiles

Often a hybrid place “contaminated” by other purposes, the bathroom is no longer seen merely as a domestic service room to be hidden away, rather it has become an increasingly important area of the home project, within which the taste and style adopted throughout the interior should be aligned accordingly. This is why in recent years, the choice of finishes and furnishings continues to apply aesthetic considerations, as well as criteria relating to practicality and efficiency, but is increasingly also dictated by emotional aspects influenced by current trends, which see the “bathroom” increasingly as an area dedicated to well-being and relaxation. The choice of tiles for floor and wall tiles is therefore key, just as much as that of furnishing items, to help create the desired atmosphere in the bathroom and transform it into the place of the home that is dedicated to wellness and personal care.

Easy Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

Entirely waterproof, hygienic and extremely easy to clean, porcelain tiles are the ideal choice for bathroom floor and wall. These characteristics, in fact, make it preferable over other materials in areas characterised by the presence of water and steam. Porcelain does not absorb humidity or unpleasant odours, thereby fostering air quality; surfaces are easy to clean with any type of detergent, even the most aggressive, guaranteeing proper hygiene. Stoneware in the restroom can therefore easily replace other materials, like wood, natural stone or metal, with an extraordinarily realistic look and the added value of guaranteed technical performance over time.

Bathroom Flooring Options

Refin proposes a large selection of wood-, stone-, marble-, concrete-, metal– and other look porcelain tiles for the bathroom, or options offering different graphic effects and textures. The range of colours is offered on surfaces with different gloss, soft, matt and textured finishes and comprises a vast array of shades, from neutral hues to brighter, stronger characters. Additionally, each collection is offered in multiple sizes, from the smallest, most traditional, to the large slabs and enriched with mosaics and decorative motifs to assure the greatest possible choice of ways by which to customise the restroom. Consider using large format tiles in small bathrooms. Large tiles are great for small spaces because they have fewer grout joints, creating a greater sense of spaciousness.

Our Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Our tile collections are made from porcelain stoneware (with a special coloured, compact and hard yet non-porous material) known for its high quality. They stand out for their water resistance and very high resistance to abrasions. They therefore make the ideal choice for tiling. Get inspired by our amazing bathroom floor ideas and create the bathroom of your dreams. All Refin ceramic tiles come in a wide range of colours and sizes, and are the result of inborn passion, constant commitment and continuous research for new solutions (in full compliance with Italian manufacturing traditions). The perfect harmony between innovation and creativity, Refin ceramics are designed and produced in compliance with the strictest international standards. Each phase of the production process is subject to quality control procedures to ensure the satisfaction of the highest quality standards.