Rheingold Bushwick

Brooklyn, NY - USA

Durukan Design, in this rapidly changing neighborhood – Northern Brooklyn, epitomizes the revival of a more socially engaged designer for a better urban environment for Bushwick residents. With a deep understanding of the existing architecture and context, Bushwick-Rheingold introduces a covetable community in its 35,000 sq. meter of interior space–including 500 apartment units and shared co-living spaces with Durukan’s injection of an “industrial meets pop art” feel. The project required creating a co-living environment to not only inspire active daily use by its residents, but also to create a community alluring enough to entice high-end renters to move in from outside of Bushwick. This was done by creating an expanse of 6 different Amenity Zones including: Common, Social, Art, Play, Wellness and Work. In all, Durukan Design developed a collection of twenty-eight distinct amenity spaces over two floors. Residents and their guests enjoy amenities far from the usual humdrum gym and laundry room. Woven throughout are art and music studios, a film-screening room, nail salon, climbing wall, yoga studio, pet spa, squash court, and more. There’s also a full-service coffee lounge, where residents can quickly caffeinate then settle into nearby work and study areas.While there was the desire to attract broad demographics to Rheingold, it was imperative to keep the project true to Bushwick’s industrial and artistic heritage. The Rheingold evokes the neighborhood’s industrial roots immediately upon entry. A double-height lobby, iron shipping containers repurposed as gathering areas, brightly colored ottomans, and a soaring green wall, all combine to create a central hub for relaxing and socializing. Custom, hi-impact and large-scale graffiti walls painted by local Bushwick artists, as well as heavily stylized “Artways” evoke the neighborhood’s colorful alleys, while simultaneously creating a high-end finish and feel.


Durukan Design provides Design Services specializing in residential, commercial and hospitality interiors. Known for our warmth and elegance, we define and create unique living experiences by incorporating functionality with timeless design concepts. Our philosophy is that design should be developed with respect to all contexts. Geographical, economical, cultural and sociological aspects are all taken into consideration during our design process. The result is a beautifully transformed, modern space, in both form and function. Since its inception in 2005, the firm, completed the design of a total of 1,179,000 sf in 2019 with another 3,847,000 sf of 27 projects on the board, and was ranked #15 out of 50 selected firms for PowerGrid New York by Interior Design Magazine. The Rheingold was awarded as the best Co-Living Complex of the Year - People’s Choice Award by Frame Magazine in 2020.

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