Driveway Porcelain Pavers

Modern Outdoor Stoneware Paving Slabs

Refin thinks that the driveway paving pathway is a visitor’s journey into your world. It starts right outside you house just before your guests access your property so that it’s important to make the visit enjoyable.

No matter whether your property has a small, medium or large walkway path, there are ways to make the front pathway and porch stand out. The easiest and most practical option is to use tiles that are not only stunning, but also work well with the look & feel of the house floors and walls. Another interesting option is mixing the old with the new and putting a modern twist on a classic house.

Upgrade your Outdoor Stoneware Paving slabs with Refin’s range of high-performance stoneware paving. The 2cm thick tiles guarantee a high resistance to loads and stresses such as frost and skid and is perfect for residential outdoor flooring. Our outdoor paving is everlasting providing impressive stain resistance that’s ideal for busy patios.