Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Floor Tiles Ideas and Design

The collections feature a mature and refined taste that has avoided the ever changing fashion and design fads.

Porcelain Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles for the Kitchen

A practical space that is also a welcoming oasis, the kitchen, the heart of the home, increasingly heading into the living area. This is the space around which the other domestic environments revolve, along with the lives of those who live there. Tailoring, multitasking environments, to be enjoyed and displayed, they thus become the stage setting the scene for convivial living: this is why it is important that the choice of materials should assure standards of efficiency, yet without renouncing style.

Thanks to its exceptional technical performance in terms of hygiene, practicality for cleaning, resistance and durability, ceramic is therefore without doubt the ideal material for kitchen surfaces.

Non-porous and entirely waterproof, porcelain tiles resist any type of stain, even acids and fats present in foods and can be cleaned with any type of detergent, even the most aggressive chemical products, thereby guaranteeing complete hygiene and ease of cleaning, even when used as a work surface. Porcelain tiles are also fireproof, making them perfect for the worktop and walls near the hob.

This is why porcelain tiles are perfect in the kitchen area on both wall and floor, as well as for worktops.

Tile Flooring Kitchen

Refin porcelain tiles are available in multiple sizes, finishes, textures and colours, thereby making it possible to create beautiful kitchen floors and walls with bespoke solutions in line with the latest trends, adapting perfectly to all living styles.

The numerous aesthetic variants, coupled with the notably flexible compositions available through the Refin collections, offer a personal interpretation of the modern kitchens, customising this area of the home to make it ever more flexible and social, in its various sizes and structures.

Kitchen Tiles: Versatility and Elegance

From more classic, traditional choices through to more industrial moods, from spectacular proposals to minimalist design, Refin has prepared its ceramic tiles to represent natural wood and valuable marble, metropolitan concrete and oxidised metals, boasting high visual impact graphic decorations or more delicate patterns.

Find out more here about Refin’s porcelain kitchen countertops, created to optimise space and satisfy all tastes and style needs.

Kitchen Tile Design Ideas

Choosing kitchen tile flooring is a complex matter, to ensure the coherence and good taste of an interior design project

The contemporary kitchen may be an incoherent setting, unique and set aside from the rest of the home, or may blend perfectly with the style and general taste of the home.