Black Porcelain Tiles

Black porcelain wall and floor tiles

The colour black is the absence of colour par excellence and, in general, is the symbol of rigour and undisputed timeless elegance.

Black tiles – Walls and Floors

A black floor gives the environment in which it is located character and can create interesting contrasts, better highlighting the other colours and furnishing items. It is, however, important to remember that the colour black influences the visual perception, making the rooms in which it is used apparently smaller; this must, therefore, be taken into account and balanced out with other shades of colour when furnishing more compact areas. Solid colour black tiles or those with light graphics can create a neutral, yet appealing floor that can enhance the colours of the walls and optimise the furniture and accessories that complete the room. When the choice falls to black tiles with more incisive, captivating graphics, like, for example, the marble-look black Marquinia of the Prestigio collection, they themselves become the stars of the ambiance, immediately drawing the gaze.

Interior Design with Black Flooring – Black Wood Flooring

Black can be used in total black interior projects or matched with other colours, including, first and foremost, white and shades of grey, for a sophisticated, extremely contemporary result that is perfect for both residential areas and offices, public spaces and shops. The range of black porcelain tiles offered by Refin comprises several variants, from more saturated, fuller shades to less intense blacks, softened by shading, scratches and clouding in the metal-look collections, or broken up by additions and pebbles, like in the terrace-look tiles of the Flake collection.

Materials, Finishes and Sizes for Black Tiles

The decidedly intense tones of asphalt, cement, some natural stones, and metals and woods are also proposed in their darker versions. These product lines are a sought-after solution for conveying a sense of extreme rigueur or a classic reclaimed look, for interiors that are never conventional.

Our black porcelain floor tiles: