Stone and marble emerge clearly and frequently as a new classic, even if in an updated version: a language that tells of harmonies, undertones, refined textures and valuable details.

Surfaces offering a sophisticated appearance that requires cutting-edge production capacity, for which, however, a purely technological approach – albeit to the highest levels and able to effectively express veins, contrasts and nuances – cannot, perhaps, suffice alone.

The innovative difference and unique features of the marble- and stone-look porcelain tiles are also hinged on systematic research and exploration, trying out and testing to monitor territories, discover quarries and requalify processes: a constant commitment made up of transversal competences, which has allowed the company to bring together a variety of the most exclusive products.

Stone look Porcelain Tiles

Stone as a synonym of nature, solid and ancestral but at the same time so multiform and surprising in its variants.  The world of minerals offers an infinite wealth of points to be interpreted for the creation of stone-look porcelain tiles: proposals of acknowledged aesthetic value that host the fascination of stone materials, combining this with the practicality of use of porcelain tiles.

In looking to the world and selecting from it the best nature and man have managed to create, Refin has given rise to multiple collections of stone-look tiles, in which the inspirational material is reinterpreted in a porcelain stoneware version, thereby making it possible to design new landscapes in interior projects that are increasingly linked to and “contaminated” with the outdoors.

The Features of Porcelain stoneware Flooring and Coverings by Refin

Porcelain stoneware maintains its natural and ecological connotation, indeed being the preferred choice both in terms of environmental impacts, because it is produced with raw materials that are easily found, and for the exceptional technical performance of the porcelain tiles, unequalled in natural stone.

Frost-resistant and resistant to attack by chemicals and atmospheric agents, stone-look stoneware surfaces are the ideal choice for outdoors too, thanks to 2 cm thick solutions, specifically designed to best combine performance, aesthetics and versatility in use outside.

The wide, heterogeneous range of stone-look porcelain floor tiles offered by Ceramiche Refin comprises collections inspired by calcareous stones like the Bluetech, Blue Emotion and Essence series, or those typical of areas of southern Italy, such as the Pietra Leccese of the Poesia collection. In addition to these, there are also lines inspired by other materials like slate, reinterpreted in a contemporary version in the Wide series, different types of quartz and sedimentary stone, which inspired, for example, the Gaja, Grecale, Petrae and Tune collections, through to the porphyry, which returns to fame in the new Pietra di Cembra line.

Tiles that look like Marble

Marble has played an essential role and enjoyed symbolic and celebratory significance in architectonic and artistic traditions since ancient times, thanks to its undisputed elegance and unique expressiveness.

The reproduction of marbles on ceramic is the perfect example of art becoming art itself, with the marble-look porcelain tiles becoming the ideal synthesis of the wonder of nature and the excellent work of man, who successfully re-creates it, combining it with the technical performance of stoneware.

A performance that derives from the compact, vitrified structure of porcelain tiles that makes it non-absorbent and particularly resistant to stains and chemicals, therefore assuring it is easy to wash and can be used anywhere, with no limits.

Tiles and coverings Marble Effects: Glossy or Matt in different Shades

Refin’s marble-look porcelain tiles re-interpret on ceramic the unique features of the most famous types of marble, thanks to careful research to exalt the veining and polish on refined surfaces. The timeless beauty of the original material blends with the properties of stoneware to create elegant furnishing solutions with modern appeal that are also hard-wearing and practical in all applications.

The marble-look porcelain tile collections can be chosen both for use in classic contexts, in their smaller, more traditional shapes, and to offer a character-filled furnishing of modern private or commercial spaces, thanks to the large sized slabs.

Unforgettable emotions from the Refin Marble Effect Tile-collections

Refin has interpreted the marble-look porcelain tiles in its Prestigio collection, which offers important natural marbles obtained from the most famous quarries of Italy and Europe, optimising the shades of colour and original veining, at times more delicate, at times more evidently marked, enhancing the result with a valuable polished finish.   The Prestigio collection of marble-look tiles is an expression of a classic style, revisited in an elegant modern key and, thanks to the option of multiple sizes, including larger ones, is perfect for inclusion in contemporary interior projects.