Slip-Resistant Floor Tiles

Antislip Surfaces

One of the essential characteristics of flooring is its slip resistance.

Depending on the level of slip resistance, which may be conditioned by the presence of water, the use of particular substances in specific workspaces or, more generally, the intended use of the flooring, it is advisable – or compulsory, depending on specific regulations – to use a flooring material able to guarantee a high level of friction between contact surfaces.

To tackle the specific anti-slip requirements for the floorings, Ceramiche Refin’s Research and Development division has developed a further three surfaces, in addition to the regular surface, with increasing degrees of friction. Each surface has been studied to remain within the main parameters established by the most important pertinent international regulations.

In addition, an innovative manufacturing process has made the tiles easier to clean than most non-slip surfaces (which are notoriously difficult to clean), thus reducing maintenance costs.

Each class can be associated with specific values that refer to the various regulations governing slip resistance.

Test MethodRefin surface: RegularRefin surface: C1Refin surface: C2Refin surface: C3
DIN 51130R9R10R11R12
DIN 51097AA + BA + B + CA + B + C
PENDULUM BS 7976-2:2002Moderate slip potentialLow slip potentialLow slip potentialLow slip potential
UNI ENV 12633:2006Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 3