Stone Look Porcelain Tiles

Stone look tile

Choosing to tile a room or an outdoor setting means giving it not only a face-lift but a new soul. This is why it is important to choose the type of flooring very carefully.
A new type of tile has been on the market for around a decade, a tile with special features and a highly attractive visual impact that is making headway. These are tiles that look like stone.

Until a few years ago stone-effect tiles were clearly artificial, but today the continuous advances in technology make them practically indistinguishable from natural quarry materials.

Natural stone effect porcelain tile for walls and floorings

Typical veins, grainy and irregular textures, natural nuances of stone combine with the resistance of porcelain stoneware in a collection of versatile and elegant floor and wall tiles, suitable for the installation in both indoors and outdoors, in domestic and commercial contexts.

Refin natural stone effect collection conveys a traditional mood and a timeless elegance, but is also able to define architectural and interior design projects with a modern appeal.

Refin tiles collections are inspired by various types of stone existing in nature, each one with different origins and characteristics, but the same values: strength, elegance, personality, elements that combined with the high technical performance of stoneware create a balanced and contemporary product.

Why are stone look tiles enjoying such a huge success?

Whatever your personal taste and your preference, or not, for materials that resemble nature, stone-effect tiles create a particularly welcoming atmosphere, adding an elegant and sophisticated appeal to any setting.

Using cutting-edge production technologies, today stone-effect tiles are available in a range of colours and models that are able to satisfy any kind of furnishing need.

And equally important, contrary to real stone, stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles require no special maintenance. They can be cleaned easily using natural products.

These tiles are also highly resistant to wear and can be used for both indoor and outdoor laying.

Our stone effect collection: tradition and innovation

The elegance and strength in the deep veins of Arketipo evoke pure primordial elements, in a collection that suits sophisticated and harmonious environments, for an audience looking for sensations of wellness and relax.

Bluetech, inspired by the elegance of Belgian Pierre Bleue, represents the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, in a collection that is an expression of the high technological value and ceramic experience of Refin and of the production of porcelain stoneware tiles.

Petrae is a project that collects heterogeneous elements inspired by stones with different origins and nuances, a sort of journey into the world of the most sophisticated stone materials. The collection draws inspiration from different materials with an elegant personality and graphic textures that make them authentic and in line with contemporary trends.

The elegance of the Lecce stone, with its delicate and natural shades,  creates a ceramic collection with a balanced texture, soft tones and little fossil inclusions. The timeless elegance of Poesia is suitable both for classic settings and for more contemporary contexts in its larger formats.

Fusion is inspired by Zebrano stone, creating a collection that combines a very traditional matrix with a more modern and contemporary character, versatile and suitable for different types of environments.

Wide is a ceramic product with a very modern touch, thanks to its large format (120×240, 120×120) and the outdoor version OUT2.0, which makes the collection suitable also for heavy-duty areas projects. The slate effect stoneware collection is characterized by light cloud effects and scratches, which emphasize the solidity and monochrome of the material from which it is inspired.

Nordik reconsiders the fascination of stones from the Scandinavian island Öland in the Baltic Sea, which are increasingly used in architectural and interior design projects. The Refin collection reflects on stoneware the charm, elegance and minimalism typical of the Nordic territories from which it is inspired, with balanced graphics declined in natural nuances.

The different matchining of Belgian Pierre Bleue become two different Blue Emotion surfaces: Scié has a smooth surface that evokes traces left by the blades on the stone and different shades; Flammé reinterprets the flamed finish that the stone assumes when treated by important sources of heat, characterized by grey-black hues.

Heritage reproduces the signs and nuances created by the wear over time of an ancient stone used for the floors of age-old villas in the French countryside. The result is a porcelain stoneware tile collection that combines a traditional look with high technical performance and natural, contemporary aesthetics in the right balance.

Grecale collection is inspired by a sedimentary stone called Lipica, typical of Eastern Europe, characterized by the combination of a lighter grain and a darker one that gives particular homogeneity to the surfaces, making it ideal for contemporary projects with a minimalistic design.

The elegance of an oriental quartzite stone is reflected in Gaja collection: the stone effect collection is able to combine the essentiality of a natural material with the strictness and accuracy of contemporary architecture thanks to its essential texture and delicate nuances.

Tune collection, characterized by delicate shades and a sandy surface, evokes a combination of stone materials from various areas of northern Europe. The natural colour palette is enriched by three different mosaics: Mosaico, Muretto 3D and Mosaico Linea. The traditional Venetian Terrazzo acquires a modern value in Flake, the porcelain stoneware collection that recreates the typical pattern resulting from the union of fragments of marble, cement, oxides and stones of various grain sizes, in a more contemporary and versatile key.

Stone effect porcelain stoneware tiles for indoor and outdoor floor: