Swimming Pool border Tiles

One huge trend when it comes to build a swimming pool in an outdoor space is to integrate it with your interiors by creating an indoor-outdoor space. And of course the link between exteriors and interiors is done by swimming pool border tiles.

In facts, it is possible to use the same tiles in both spaces to create a seamless transition – as if it’s one large free-flowing floor area. This is to help blur the boundaries between your home and garden, so that you can enjoy those outdoor spaces. Above, this has been achieving using Refin’s OUT2.0, the 20mm thickness porcelain stoneware tiles suitable for outdoor floors with traditional and raised installation. The 2cm thick tiles guarantee a high resistance to loads and stresses and is perfect for swimming pool border.

Perfect for gardens, swimming pools and outdoor areas, OUT2.0 is the result of Refin’s research into solutions for outdoors offering the ideal combination of performance, looks and versatility. The material has extremely high resistance to loads and traffic. It does not change color or size and it does not deteriorate over time. It is chemical resistant (including additives for pools and common household detergents). It is weather resistant (rain and wind), salt, corrosion and mildew resistant. The range of sizes and colors that Refin has selected satisfy the most popular material inspirations for outdoor coverings: wood, cement, stone and terracotta effects. The result is absolutely natural but