Italian porcelain tiles manufacturer

Italian porcelain tiles manufacturer

Innovative tile company

Ceramiche Refin has been a presence on the international market since 1962 and is part of the Gruppo Concorde, the largest ceramic group in Europe.

Strong values for a forward-thinking company.

The constant commitment towards aesthetic research and technological innovation has seen the company achieve product and production excellence, thus becoming more and more competitive on the international market.

Today, Refin offers a broad range of porcelain tiles solutions for residential and project-planning destinations.

Refin has always been committed towards making large-scale investments in order to keep its productive and corporate structures up-to-date.

The company has recently completed the re-modernisation and broadening of its offices and production plant in Salvaterra, including a renovated head-office and the opening of its first flagship showroom, a meeting point for architects and designers in the heart of Milan Refin Studio

Our success is dependent on our ability to understand the needs of our customers, guaranteeing the quality and safety of our product offer.

For this reason, we design and produce top quality porcelain tiles in Italy, via a corporate management that takes note of the needs of people, society and the environment.

Quality, respect and innovation are our core values that are seen in:

  • the desire to pursue excellence in the technology and in the professional development of our staff.
  • the will to express the Italian design and creative style in our products.
  • the commitment towards the safeguard of the environment, the best gift we can pass down to future generations.

DesignTaleStudio by Ceramiche Refin S.p.A.

DesignTaleStudio by Ceramiche Refin S.p.A.

Technical and aesthetic research on state-of-the art on porcelain stoneware.

Bringing ceramic tile materials to the new millennium exploiting new destinations of use and creative paths: this is DesignTaleStudio’s objective.

Refin Ceramics’ DesignTaleStudio started in 2005, the fruit of a research team aiming to find the definition and exploitation of new creative and technical uses for porcelain stoneware tiles.

The team’s goal is that of overcoming the bias associated to ceramic tiles offering new destinations of use for porcelain tiles at the same time enhancing its creative design content.

A team of expert professionals

Refin Ceramics’ DesignTaleStudio is above all a team of professionals coming from various business environments and sharing the mutual goal of combining creative experience, technical knowledge, planning and managing abilities.

Following the development of the projects, the team acquire new skills making the DTS a dynamic, constantly growing pool.

The DesignTaleStudio carries out researches directly on ceramic materials with an eye on business ethic and environmental issues, Refin Ceramics’ driving values.

DesignTaleStudio is a registered trademark owned by Ceramiche Refin S.p.A..

The jewel in the crown of Ceramiche Refin is the DesignTaleStudio creative laboratory, born out of the merger between design and Italian artisan tradition and whose creativity is constantly fed by a team of expert ceramic masters and important partnerships with the leading figures of contemporary design.

With DTS, we are able to provide the world of design and architecture new tools for unexpected creative interpretations.

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Environmental Sustainability

Refin’s green philosophy is expressed through the ongoing search for new opportunities created by technological innovations to make the industrial production process increasingly safe and environment-friendly

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Made in Italy

Italian tiles 100% Made in ItalyAt Refin, “Made in Italy” does not only mean style, but it represents a productive model combining the creative flair typical of our culture with the work ethics that have always characterised Italian manufacturing tradition. For this reason, we have adhered to the Made in Italy ethical code promoted by […]

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Refin Studio

An observatory on the world of architecture in Milan, the perfect location for the presentation of porcelain tiles.

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Virtual Tour

Browse the latest Refin collections presented at Cersaie 2019 in Bologna. You can use the Virtual Tour to experience the Refin booth and admire the mesmerising textured suggestions of our products.

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