Ceramiche Refin S.p.A.

Ceramiche Refin S.p.A.


Our brand purpose: to re-decorate living spaces around the world with the beauty and emotions of Italian design, in full respect of the objectives of society and the environment that host us. 

Who we are and what guides us. Founded in 1962, since 1998 we have been part of the Concorde Group, one of the most important groups in the international ceramic tile industry.

We have always been trailblazers.  By anticipating trends and innovations, over the years we have been able to distinguish ourselves in the global market for the creation of porcelain tile surfaces.

We offer the world of interior design a broad selection of solutions developed through a unique, creative tailored approach that combines Italian taste, know-how, artisanal experimentation and continuous technological innovation. 

Artisan heart: the lab

The lab is a hothouse of ideas, a technological workshop where human genius and mastery is still at the centre of everything. It’s the beating heart that drives, designs and shapes our collections thanks to the talents of a multidisciplinary team. Here our Tile Designers seek inspiration in the perfect imperfection of nature and art, to creatively shape them into a new material.

Technological heart: the factory

The factory is the place where our creativity comes to life thanks to the most advanced technologies available on the market. The drive for continuous innovation translates into state-of-the-art facilities and progressive modernisations to maintain the highest levels of technology and sustainability.