Slate Effect Outdoor Tiles

Transform your garden with slate effect outdoor tiles


Slate-effect tiles offer the perfect alternative option to natural slate. Even a narrow space can be completely transformed into a dreamy patio, backyard or rooftop with Refin’s outdoor tiles.

Looking for a neutral and modern effect in your outdoor space? Slate outdoor effect in different shades and patterns is probably the best solution for an evergreen space. Refin has a wide selection to choose from. Slate effect tiles have stains, cloudy effects and slight scratches to bring out the character of the material used and making it more up-to-date.

A floor that perfectly look like slate has all the qualities that make porcelain stoneware ideal for outdoor spaces. It is resistant to loads and wear, waterproof, frostproof, anti-slip and resistant to stains and chemicals. Moreover, even if exposed to the sun and to the weather, Refin’s quality ensures not to fade over time.

The slate effect paving can easily adapt to any outdoor styles: from country stile to a ultra-modern set-up to write an enchanting home story.