White Porcelain Tiles

White porcelain wall and floor tiles

White is the colour that includes all those of the light spectrum.

It is the very symbol of light, purity and simplicity, a timeless colour that embraces a classic style just as perfectly as it does the contemporary.

White Bathroom Wall & Floor Tiles

White tiles are extremely versatile and available in various different shades, of which colder options are preferable for the bathroom or kitchen, whilst those tending towards vanilla or beige are ideal for the daytime areas and bedrooms. White is aesthetically pleasing on any material and white ceramic can offer multiple different graphic patterns, from wood effect to metal, from concrete to modern polished glass or even patterns recalling natural stone and valuable marble. White floor or wall tiles help assure luminosity and visually expand the environments and are therefore to be preferred over darker colours in smaller spaces.

The use of White Stoneware Tiles for Home and Commercial use

White is perfect for matching with other neutral shades or decorated or brightly coloured tiles, adapting well to any style to be re-created in the domestic environments or commercial spaces. In public areas, in particular in healthcare environments, it is often chosen to convey a sensation of cleanliness and sterility, as well as peace of mind and tranquillity. In residential or commercial projects, white tiles are often used both on the floor and the wall to create total white spaces granting absolute freedom of design in the other furnishing choices, to re-create multiple styles.

Our white floor tiles: