Out 2.0

20 mm Thick Porcelain Tiles

designed specifically for outdoor applications

OUT2.0 is the 20mm thickness porcelain stoneware tiles suitable for outdoor floors with traditional and raised installation. The 2cm thick tiles guarantee a high resistance to loads and stresses and is perfect for residential and commercial outdoor flooring.

Perfect for gardens, swimming pools and outdoor areas, OUT2.0 is the result of Refin’s research into solutions for outdoors offering the ideal combination of performance, looks and versatility.

Resistant to frost, chemicals and harsh weather conditions, it is the ideal choice for residential or commercial applications out of doors.

The exceptional technical features of OUT 2.0 are not affected by the passing of time and it can be fitted using one of the three following methods:

A full range of trim tiles completes the line, making it possible to obtain a truly excellent finished result.