Brown - Beige Stoneware Tiles

Brown and Beige tiles for Floors and Walls

Beige is classed as a neutral colour due to the low saturation and proportion in its chromatic component.

Beige Tiles for Floors and Walls

Often  considered a traditional color for tiles , beige offers sober elegance, conveying peace and serenity with a relaxing effect.

Beige tiles are therefore an excellent solution for floor tiles or for cladding interiors, creating a neutral base and offering complete freedom of choice in design finishes. With its lighter and darker shading, beige makes it easy to solve the puzzle of chromatic matching in all rooms because it dialogues perfectly with all furnishing styles, both classic and contemporary.

Indeed, there is an infinite range of shades of beige that, as saturation and colour components of yellow and red increase, enrich/enhance/create the palette of warm hues through to that of browns.

Brown Porcelain Stoneware: the Warm Nuances of Earth and Wood

Brown recalls natural elements like earth and wood offering up sensations of stability and reliability, hence the use of tiles in the warm shades of beige and brown helps create ambiances that convey sensations of a welcoming, comfortable, safe environment.

The beige and brown porcelain tiles are ideal for furnishing interiors with class and sober elegance, but also for flooring outdoors, for which lighter shades are recommended, helping limit overheating and minimise the impact on the micro climate.

Refin offers a very wide range of porcelain tiles in beige and brown.

In addition to these, there are numerous other variants of warm hue tiles featuring different graphics, from the multiple wood effect textures to more contemporary patterns that offer an original re-creation of the effects of metals, cements or resins.