Living Room Tiles in Porcelain Stoneware

The living room is the area of the home that is the best representation of the personality and style of those who live there and, at the same time, the most used, where friends and guests are welcomed for social occasions: this is why the choice of tiles for the living area is so important.

The atmosphere that characterises the living area and, therefore, the home as a whole, is created through the surfaces and furnishings and, regardless of the style sought, it is important to make a consistent and strategic choice of all elements and decide which of these shall dictate the mood of the room.

Thanks to the extraordinarily large range of porcelain tiles for the living area, the choice can fall to particularly captivating graphics and colours, which take an absolute starring role in the area, to other, more minimalist, linear options to develop floor and wall tiles as a neutral base to hold and exalt the furnishing items that complete the room.

The Technical characteristics of Porcelain Stoneware

Ceramic is the ideal choice for the floor and wall tiles of domestic environments not only due to its aesthetic quality but also, indeed above all, for its exceptional technical performance.

Stoneware in fact guarantees a healthy air, insofar as it contains no toxic substances and does not emit any VOCs (volatile organic compounds), is fire-proof and does not emit fumes in the case of fire, it is non-allergenic, hygienic and easy to clean with any type of detergent. It is also ideal for use with under-floor or wall heating systems, as it is an excellent heat conductor.

Choose your Porcelain Tiles for the Living Room

Porcelain tiles can be used in the most varied design choices for the living area, with original, captivating design surfaces or those inspired by natural materials, offering a wide range of ever different colours, graphics and sizes. The proposals vary from wood-look porcelain tile collections, which combine the beauty and warmth of natural essences with the practicality of stoneware, to marble– or stone-, concrete– or metal-look tiles, all available in matt or polished finishes and in a wide range of colours and multiple sizes.

The wide range of Refin surfaces gives rise to infinite design options for customising the living area to suit the preferred furnishing style and mood to be conveyed, all in line with the latest contemporary interior design trends.

The creativity of Living Room Floor

Modern porcelain tiles studied to dress the New Millennium’s ambiences, for a living in line with cutting-edge trends of design, for avant-garde style homes.

These collections are the utmost expression of Refin’s identity as a company at the fore front of Interior Design trends.

Enjoy the Refin’s floor tiles for living room: