Bolero Restaurant

Naklo - Slovenia

The BOLERO restaurant is a renovation project of a classic restaurant from the 90s. «With the renovation, I wanted to change the entire character of the restaurant to a more modern one, as the owner’s wish was to change the entire food offer to a higher - restaurant level. Due to the infrequentness of the industrial style in our environment (Slovenia), I chose this one because it is a bit more robust and of course I immediately noticed the collections at REFIN that helped me create the desired ambience. The main elements used throughout the restaurant are wood, which gives the appearance of warmth (ceramics in imitation wood) and metal, which gives robustness. For the feeling of comfort of the guest, decorative pots with greenery help. The ambience has thus become pleasant and private, as darker materials are used, which emphasize the concreteness and power of the industrial style, and at the same time, with the correct placement of the lights, I came to the right lighting of the space and details in it.»


Arch. Andrej Štamulak
«My name is Andrej Štamulak, architect and designer, I come from Slovenia and I deal with interior and exterior design. My goal is to listen the clients and satisfy their desires and bring them to perfection and be as innovative as possible from project to project with my unusual ideas. My work is based on usability and flexibility in terms of space. Of course, I try to leave my mark in each of my works!»

Galleria Immagini