Work and Public Environments

Commercial Porcelain Tiles for Office and Public

In public projects, regulations governing materials lay down extremely high standards and porcelain tiles have always been one of the best solutions by which to meet the strict technical rules. Indeed, their high technical and mechanical characteristics, coupled with their aesthetic appeal, allow them to express their full potential precisely in large public areas.

Stoneware for Public Spaces: performance characteristics of Refin flooring

Retail spaces and environments dedicated to hospitality and catering are the types of developments in which Refin ceramic tiles are most widely used internationally, chosen for the excellent value and innovation achieved in the aesthetic appeal as well as in technological and production processes.

In retail environments and hospitality areas, the technical performance of the materials becomes even more strategic, as they need to guarantee excellent resistance to stresses and slipping, hygiene, safety and fire-resistance, as well as practicality and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The Refin ranges of porcelain tiles for retail and hospitality not only perfectly satisfy these demands by virtue of the exceptional technical performance of the stoneware, but also guarantee extreme freedom of customisation, thanks to the extensive choice of sizes, finishes, graphics and colours, as well as the extraordinary aesthetic appeal.

The properties of Refin stoneware floors are:

  • highly technical and mechanical performance
  • wear and tread resistance; infacts, Refin stoneware floors can be used to cover the floors of large areas of high people traffic such as stations, airports and shopping centers, remaining unaltered over time.
  • low liquid absorption and stains resistance to chemical attack, therefore tiles can be easily cleaned and disinfected with any type of detergent, even with chemicals, ensuring maximum hygiene and ease maintenance.

fire resistance and, unlike other flame retardant materials, it does not even emit fumes in the event of a fire; infacts, stoneware is the safest material ever for use in public contexts.

Take a look at the gallery of retail and hospitality projects to discover the prestigious Italian and international brands that have opted for the sophisticated taste of Refin tiles to represent their identity and optimise their commercial spaces.