Commercial porcelain tiles for office and public

In public projects, regulations governing materials lay down extremely high standards and porcelain tiles have always been one of the best solutions by which to meet the strict technical rules. Indeed, their high technical and mechanical characteristics, coupled with their aesthetic appeal, allow them to express their full potential precisely in large public areas.

They resist wear and trampling, impact and breaking load and can be driven on, thereby allowing them to be used for large floor areas with heavy traffic, such as stations, airports and shopping centres, remaining unaltered over time. They are waterproof, stain-resistant and can also withstand chemical attack and therefore be easily cleaned and disinfected using any type of detergent, including an aggressive one, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and ease of maintenance. They are fire-resistant and, differently to other fireproof materials, do not emit fumes in the event of fire, making them one of the safest materials for use in public premises.

Additionally, in terms of environmental impact, as ceramic is an inert material produced using raw materials that are easily found in nature, porcelain tiles are a truly environmentally-friendly choice as well as being of extremely high aesthetic quality.

Technological innovation in ceramic production today allows for the production of wood- or stone-look collections that offer a faithful representation of the unique look of the natural materials, yet guaranteeing the exceptional performance boasted by stoneware. This result therefore allows, for example, for the development of wood-look porcelain floor tiles for public spaces and also gives indoor and outdoor public spaces the sensations of warmth and intimacy that only real wood can transmit.

Thanks to the numerous graphic effects and sizes available and the virtually infinite variety of colours, the range of porcelain tiles proposed by Refin is also perfect for public spaces, from shopping centres to schools, stadiums, hospitals and heavy traffic areas like stations and airports, as well as large companies and representation offices. Refin solutions are therefore perfect for enhancing multiple architecture and interior design styles, even in public projects, guaranteeing an excellent aesthetic and technical result and suggesting applications that are always unprecedented and never a given.

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