Why choose ceramic for your surfaces?

Why choose ceramic?

Because it is a totally natural material that is safe and ideal for installation in any environment and on any surface. It does not release any toxic substances, it does not burn, it is sustainable, recyclable and resistant, as well as easy to install and long-lasting. Ceramic is also beautiful, the fruit of design research that ensures that Made in Italy excellence.

If you are looking for a material with which to floor and clad your home, ceramic is the right choice.

It is hypo-allergenic, odourless and does not retain dirt or bacteria. It can be used in any setting because it is versatile and available in a great many sizes. A ceramic floor is easy to clean and long-lasting, in that it doesn’t deform and is resistant to both frost and the most aggressive chemical agents. It does not burn or contain plastic, so is compatible with the ecosystem.


Ceramic is a safe material. It comes from the earth so it is natural, does not contain plastic and is completely recyclable.


Ceramic is one of the most hygienic materials, it is odourless and easily cleaned using any domestic cleaning products.


Ceramic is a long-lasting, unalterable material that is easy to clean and looks like new even with the passing of time.

Does not burn

In case of fire, ceramic releases no toxic substances, not for people or the environment because it does not burn.


Ceramic is a strong material because it does not deform nor freeze, and is resistant to the most aggressive chemical detergents.


With its infinite array of sizes and surfaces, ceramic suits any environment and is ideal for use as floors, cladding, work surfaces and tables.


A ceramic floor is practical and stable and can be easily installed in shops, restaurants, offices and premises of all kinds.

Respects the environment

Ceramic is a sustainable material that respects the environment as well as one’s health, in that it conforms with all European standards.