Terracotta Effect Outdoor Tiles

Terracotta effect paving slabs & garden paving for an outdoor space


Loving the unforgettable past? Terracotta is the major medium not only for ancient sculptures but also for recent outdoor paving tiles. Let’s celebrate the earthiness and visual appeal of terracotta effect on your outdoor paving slabs to highlight the beauty of an ancient material.

The clay has such a distinctive natural reddish-orange color that really does make it look like it’s from the earth. Terracotta effect paving slabs remind the ancient past and create a bond with the bright green colour of your terrace or the grass of your garden giving an informal touch to your external garden, patio or terrace.

Refin’s catalogue offers a large choice of terracotta effect tiles, allowing you to enjoy a genuine natural terracotta paving look made of high quality stoneware tiles.

Capture the essence of Refin with our comprehensive range of Terracotta effect Tiles, Paving Slabs and features in two natural terracotta collection: the Bricklane collection and the recent Fornace collection in which the fascination of terracotta floor tiles takes on a modern look in essential surfaces and contemporary large sizes.