Resin Look Porcelain Tiles

Resin effect Porcelain Tiles

The resin-look porcelain tiles interpret the brushed, minimalist surfaces of continuous resin floorings, raising the technical content through the exceptional performance of the porcelain tiles.

Resin Tiles

Hard-wearing and long-lasting and suitable for all types of application, both indoors and outdoors, the resin-look porcelain tiles stand out for the surfaces with a flat or sometimes irregular material finish, brushed or clouded with an alternation of light and dark shades and light and matte effects, similar, in fact, to the aesthetic qualities of resins. They are intended for a contemporary public in search of creative, minimalist solutions and who can add visual interest and expression to architectonic spaces yet without renouncing the resistance and practicality that only ceramic can offer.

Surface properties of Refin Stoneware Tiles

The large size resin-look porcelain tiles make it possible to obtain the same continuous surface effect as floor and wall tiles in resin, because they minimise the presence of joints and exalt the aesthetic effect of the surfaces and, above all, they can be used without limitation in residential, commercial and public environments thanks to the technical performance that only stoneware can offer. Porcelain tiles are environment-friendly, safe and hygienic insofar as they do not release any toxic substances, not even in the event of fire; they are easy to clean, because they do not absorb stains and extremely resistant to trampling, stresses and scratching, making them perfect even in heavily-trafficked ambiances.

Stoneware collections Spatulated Resin-look

Refin’s resin-look porcelain tiles, such as, for example, the CREOS collection, interpret the unique aesthetics of brushed resins through delicately moved and irregular textures, proposing large-sized surfaces that are sober in their current elegance, guaranteeing practicality, hygiene and a long-lasting appeal in all contexts. The CROMIE collection should be added to the CREOS one, with 14 solid colors for incisive architectural combinations. Color is, in fact, one of the main factors to determine the style of an environment, influencing the choice of furnishings and accessories to complete the space.