Porcelain tiles for bedroom

The best bedroom porcelain floor tiles

The bedroom is the most intimate, personal room of the house, dedicated to rest, well-being and relaxation; this is why it is important that the bedroom is designed consistently with the other home environments, respecting the style and tastes of those living there.

Ceramic tiles are a winning choice in the bedroom too, thanks to the vast range of textures, graphic and material effects and colours available, which give rise to infinite design options without renouncing technical performance.

Choosing porcelain tiles for the bedroom means that here too, the practicality, resistance and ease of cleaning can be enjoyed that only this material can guarantee, qualities that are even more important in children’s bedrooms, where the floor also becomes the play area. Stoneware guarantees perfect hygiene for surfaces, which can consequently be washed and disinfected using any type of detergent, even the most aggressive. Additionally, it does not absorb damp or unpleasant odours, improving air quality, and does not contain nor release any toxic substances, guaranteeing absolute safety throughout the home.

Stoneware can be used to tile all floors because its resistance means that it can be used anywhere, thereby granting continuity to all areas of the home, a plus point that is particularly appreciated where there is an en-suite bathroom, to maintain visual consistency between the two rooms.

Porcelain tiles are also the preferred material where there is under-floor heating, and, therefore, also in the bedroom where natural stains are often preferred, meaning that the wood-look porcelain tiles are a strategic choice also in terms of energy efficiency.

Refin also offers porcelain tile solutions for bedroom walls, where the innovative large sizes are increasingly being preferred, also available with original graphic patterns to create whole-wall decorations that recall the effect of wallpaper but which are far more resistant and long-lasting.