Metal Look Porcelain Tiles

Find the Perfect Metal look Porcelain Tile

The Refin collections the reproduce different material effects on ceramic, including the metal-look stoneware, successfully combine the characteristic fascination of other types of materials with the physical properties and related performance typical of porcelain tiles.

Metal effect Porcelain Stoneware Floors

Thanks to the evolution of ceramic production techniques, in fact, stoneware now manages to simulate the aesthetic perception normally conveyed by other materials with extreme realism, as seen, for example, in the metal-look porcelain tiles, where the concept of imitation is raised to a dimension in which ceramic takes on a more prestigious, strategic role in design.

Metal effect Porcelain Tiles for an Urban Look

With the metal-look porcelain tiles, the contemporary fascination and aesthetic power of metals, in their many different textures and finishes blend with the technical performance of stoneware tiles, allowing for their use also in application contexts where specific technical resistance and abrasion resistance are required, as well as for use outdoors, with a guarantee of duration and that the material will not alter over time, even in extreme weather conditions.

The Metal effect Porcelain Stoneware Collections with an Avant garde Touch

Refin’s metal-look stoneware floors offer different aesthetics evoking the various types of metals that inspired them: from ruined, oxidised sheet metal through to metal rusted over time and by the atmospheric agents represented by the rust-look porcelain tiles. Each collection is the result of different interpretations, which are always inclusive and captivating, perfect for giving commercial or residential interiors a modern, hi-tech, industrial touch or a more “lived-in” vintage look, yet at the same time being extremely contemporary and in line with the latest interior design trends. Ceramiche Refin has interpreted the metal-look porcelain tiles in the Oxyde variant of the Design Industry collection in Stardust, where the metal effect blends with the marble effect in a truly original result, and in the Foil line, inspired by the hand-beaten bodywork sheet metal.