New Autumn 2023 Collections

Numerous and diverse are the news that we presented at Cersaie 2023, within a renewed exhibition space this year with an interior design and styling project curated by Studio Salaris Milano.

The concept of the stand was designed to highlight the numerous novelties launched during the fair. “The stand was conceived as a sort of art gallery, where each collection was treated as an installation with its own language, designed to enhance the product’s characteristics. The stand is therefore organized as a sequence of exhibitions, even very different from each other, held together by a general and coherent architecture. Strong emphasis was placed on the Cera collection, the most original and creative among the novelties presented, positioned at the center of the stand” (Studio Salaris).

Our new proposals are the result of research paths that have explored multiple avenues: from the natural inspirations of the NAMIB, COQUILLE, and TAMASHI collections, where we skillfully reinterpreted sands, stones, and woods in a contemporary key, to the line that had the most original and unexpected inspiration: CERA, inspired precisely by wax. Completing the wide range of novelties presented are the brick-effect coverings of the HALO collection and the new marble-effect variants resulting from the restyling of the PRESTIGIO collection.


Our unique and bold experimental approach finds its maximum expression in the collection inspired by wax processing, representing a completely new creative proposal for the world of ceramic surfaces. From the original intuition of our tile designers, who saw wax as the creative starting point for the development of new surfaces, a research journey began based on the observation of wax and its transformation processes, as well as material experiments conducted to translate the same visual and tactile sensations onto ceramics.

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A restyling designed to update the range of the Prestigio collection following the most current trends in natural marbles. The collection combines the authentic lines of natural marbles with an original contemporary language, becoming an expression of a classic style revisited in a modern way. There are five new variants of white marbles presented: Statuario Apuano, Calacatta Oro, Nuvolato, Arabescato, and Opera.

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One of the world’s oldest deserts, recognized as a UNESCO heritage site, has inspired this collection, bringing the suggestions of untouched nature into interior spaces, combining vastness and essentiality.
A generally uniform surface, where the material character is softened by a refined graphic that, up close, reveals richness in details and chromatic variations.  

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Tamashi, meaning “soul” in Japanese, is the new collection inspired by essential and contemporary natural woods, currently widely used in interior finishes.
The result of careful research to find the perfect graphic and chromatic balance, the collection offers uniform and balanced surfaces characterized by subtle, dense, and parallel veins, as well as delicate chromatic variations. The range includes seven chromatic nuances available in planks.

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Glossy finish, glazed surfaces, and intense colors characterize the collection of brick-effect wall coverings. The surfaces alternate light and dark halos and soft reliefs that give the product a three-dimensional and non-uniform tactile perception, accentuated by irregularities along the edges, enhancing its material appearance and the perception of craftsmanship. The Halo collection, with its strong decorative impact is perfect for emphasizing architectural adding a touch of originality and personality.

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The Coquille collection takes inspiration from the organic shapes and textures found in seashells, translating their delicate beauty into ceramic surfaces. The collection features irregular patterns and soft curves, reminiscent of the natural formations and intricate details of seashells. The surfaces have a tactile quality, with subtle relief and a matte finish, creating a sense of depth and movement. The color palette includes soft and neutral tones, as well as bolder and more vibrant options, allowing for versatile design possibilities.


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