Large Format Tile

Slate recall

This product has a contemporary feel: stains, cloudy effects and slight scratches enliven the plain colour of the slate, bringing out the character of the material used and making it more up-to-date.

The large sizes (120x240, 120x120, and 60x120) and the version OUT2.0 (60x60), make Wide ideally suited for covering large, heavy-duty areas and for showrooms and reception areas, while the smaller sizes (60x60 and 30x60) are also perfect in the home.

There are five colours in the range – white, two shades of grey, black and mud brown – both in the smooth version and the structured variant for outdoor use, plus two shades in the version OUT2.0.

  • 120x240 cm R
  • 120x120 cm R
  • 60x120 cm R
  • 60x60 cm R
  • 30x60 cm R
  • 60x60 cm R