Porcelain tile that looks like slate

Slate-look porcelain stoneware is a ceramic tile inspired by the single colour of Slate stone: this semi-hard rock is distinguished by flaws and by a dark grey hue, and has been utilised in the construction industry and in architecture for centuries.

Slate-look porcelain stoneware tiles embellish the extensive range offered by Ceramiche Refin, leader in the ceramic tile sector, who has been in business on international markets for over 50 years. The company guarantees products in accordance with UNI EN 14411 – ISO 13006 standards and has obtained multiple certifications (UPEC, SO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001, etc.).

Refin’s slate-look ceramic tiles bring to mind the natural beauty of stone, reproducing its chromatic features, combined with the performance of porcelain stoneware: this material offers superior bending strength and is resistant to scratches, stains, and chemicals. The elegance of slate teamed with the technical properties of stoneware make these tiles suitable for tiling both commercial and domestic settings.

Wide – this is the name of Refin’s collection that draws its inspiration from slate – has a modern personality: clouding, whirls and slight scratches enhance the value of the single colour nature of slate while emphasising its texture. A contemporary look that offers architects and designers countless ideas.

Small-size slate-look stoneware slabs are mainly used in domestic settings, while the large sizes make it possible to develop projects in high foot traffic settings.

The collection is completed by tiles in the OUT 2.0 version: slabs which have been designed for outdoor flooring, available in the 60×60 cm size and 2 cm thick. The technical features of porcelain stoneware make it ideal for use in various types of settings, including swimming pools and gardens.

In fact, it is a frost-proof material, that is weather-resistant and impervious to chemicals, with an extremely low water absorption rate. Stoneware retains these properties in time.

The result of Refin’s research into outdoor settings, the products in the OUT2.0 collection guarantee superior load and stress resistance, and boast outstanding versatility. In addition to the traditional installation method using adhesive, they can be installed directly onto the soil or gravel as well as raised (using supports).

Performance, styling and versatility are not the only valid reasons to choose slate-look tiles: porcelain stoneware can be more cost-effective than stone.

Slate-look porcelain stoneware: colours available

The Wide collection includes five colours: black, white, mud and two shades of grey. The tiles are made in the smooth and textured versions. The offering includes a considerable variety of solutions in terms of decorations, with mosaics and various “sketch” effects.

The slate-look ceramic tiles in the OUT2.0 version are only available in two colours and in the textured version.

Slate-look porcelain stoneware: styles and sizes available

Together with the classic 60×60 and 30×60 cm sizes, the Wide collection comprises large-size tiles: 120×240, 120×120 and 60×120 cm.

The large-size slabs (especially the 120×240 cm size) are excellent for high foot traffic areas and they express a sophisticated style, which suits both contemporary and classical settings. These products exponentially elevate the application potential of Refin’s product range and constitute a concentration of styling appeal and cutting-edge technology.

The large-size slabs are available in the 9 mm thickness and in the ultra-slim 6 mm thick version, ensuring high resistance and versatility of application.