Tile that looks like Stone

A mineral journey

A virtual journey in the world of the most sought after stones, a millenary world which set the background for the selection of unique and charismatic natural materials. A traditional material for surfaces made of inorganic matter that are part of human history, but that keeps revitalizing and fits perfectly in contemporary interior design. A rich and heterogeneous collection of stone materials with varied origins, several hues and traits, all elegant and with outstanding graphic designs perfectly in line with the latest trends. Petrae features a wide range with several sizes (60×60, 30×60, 45×90, 22.5×90) and thicknesses, including the outdoor version OUT2.0 (2 cm).

The first source of inspiration for Petrae project is the quartzite from Barge, the town in Piedmont that also gives the quartz its name.
Bavaria is a porcelain tile inspired by the fine-grained Solnhofen limestone found in Bavaria, Germany; it is available in the warm shade of the original material.
Savoie Ash results from France, namely from Haute-Savoie.
Pacific Grey is based on several types of gneiss extracted from the pacific coasts of Canada.
Guyana, prompted by quartzite, comes from the mountains dividing Brazil from Guyana.
The calcareous stone of Muschelkalk Brown comes from a Franconian region in southern Germany

  • 60x60 cm / 24”x24” R
  • 30x60 cm / 12”x24” R
  • 15x15 cm / 6”x6” R
  • 45x45 cm / 18”x18”
  • 60x60 cm / 24”x24” R
  • 40x120 cm / 16”x48” R