Scandinavian Stone Look Tile

Natural minimalism

Nordik is the ceramic interpretation of a Scandinavian natural stone, a material that has traditionally been used in the architecture of North-European countries and that, today, is increasingly being adopted in interior design projects.

The new collection by Refin has the air of fascination so typical of the Nordic countries the series takes its inspiration from, evoking them through elegance and refined minimalism, features that stem from the balanced graphic, and emanate from delicate natural shades.

Bright and darker hues, cold grey tints and warm beige and brown nuances reflecting light that recollects suggestions of unrivalled, breath-taking landscapes.

The strong emotions that the Nordic landscape arouse and awaken are the catalysts for the inspiration of this new ceramic collection, that merges ceramic with the charm of natural stones of Öland, an island in the Baltic Sea summer residence of the Swedish Royal family, a place characterised by invaluable archaeological traces and breathtaking landscapes.

Untamed nature, crystalline sea, white beaches, calcareous-stone highlands, windmills that break the green of the grasslands and traces of an ancient past: these are the typical elements of this island of rare beauty that has been named as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Nordik is the expression of the traditional Swedish and Scandinavian living styles and its look is in line with the most cutting-edge trends of interior design: this makes Nordik the perfect design solution to meet the most demanding style needs in public and residential venues.

  • 60x60 cm R
  • 30x60 cm R
  • 15x15 cm R