Warm appeal of wood

The warm appeal of wood combines with the functionality and resistance of porcelain stoneware in the larix collection, inspired by larch wood and widely used in traditional alpine architecture.
Larix is the result of intensive research on the features of this natural material that is reinterpreted on ceramics, reproducing its graphics and texture, its chromatic and surface details and the marks caused by the passage of time and by adverse weather.

Wood Look Tile

 CodeSize (cm)NameThickness (mm)FinishingRectified
LE14LE1425x150Fresh R10NaturalRectified
LE13LE1325x150Natural R10NaturalRectified
LE11LE1125x150Shade R10NaturalRectified
LE12LE1225x150Sun R10NaturalRectified
LF73LF7315x75Fresh R10NaturalRectified
LF71LF7115x75Natural R10NaturalRectified
LF74LF7415x75Shade R10NaturalRectified
LF72LF7215x75Sun R10NaturalRectified
 CodeSize (cm)NameThickness (mm)FinishingRectified
LJ57LJ5745x90Natural R Out 2.020NaturalRectified
LJ59LJ5945x90Shade R Out 2.020NaturalRectified
LJ58LJ5845x90Sun R Out 2.020NaturalRectified
LQ02LQ0260x60Natural R OUT2.020NaturalRectified
LQ03LQ0360x60Shade R OUT2.020NaturalRectified
LQ04LQ0460x60Sun R OUT2.020NaturalRectified
 CodeSize (cm)NameThickness (mm)FinishingRectified
LF88LF8825x150Sun Deco 3 R10NaturalRectified
LG47LG4715x75Sun Deco 3 R10NaturalRectified
LF55LF5525x150Fresh Muretto Listello R10NaturalRectified
LF78LF7825x150Natural Deco 1A R10NaturalRectified
LG36LG3615x75Natural Deco 1A R10NaturalRectified
LF81LF8125x150Natural Deco 1B R10NaturalRectified
LF53LF5325X75Sun Muretto Listello R10NaturalRectified
LG37LG3715x75Natural Deco 1B R10NaturalRectified
LF84LF8425x150Natural Deco 2 R10NaturalRectified
LG38LG3815x75Natural Deco 2 R10NaturalRectified
LF87LF8725x150Natural Deco 3 R10NaturalRectified
LG39LG3915x75Natural Deco 3 R10NaturalRectified
LF52LF5225x150Natural Muretto Listello R10NaturalRectified
LF80LF8025x150Shade Deco 1A R10NaturalRectified
LG40LG4015x75Shade Deco 1A R10NaturalRectified
LF83LF8325x150Shade Deco 1B R10NaturalRectified
LG41LG4115x75Shade Deco 1B R10NaturalRectified
LF86LF8625x150Shade Deco 2 R10NaturalRectified
LG42LG4215x75Shade Deco 2 R10NaturalRectified
LF89LF8925x150Shade Deco 3 R10NaturalRectified
LG43LG4315x75Shade Deco 3 R10NaturalRectified
LF54LF5425X75Shade Muretto Listello R10NaturalRectified
LF79LF7925x150Sun Deco 1A R10NaturalRectified
LG44LG4415x75Sun Deco 1A R10NaturalRectified
LF82LF8225x150Sun Deco 1B R10NaturalRectified
LG45LG4515x75Sun Deco 1B R10NaturalRectified
LF85LF8525x150Sun Deco 2 R10NaturalRectified
LG46LG4615x75Sun Deco 2 R10NaturalRectified
 CodeSize (cm)NameThickness (mm)FinishingRectified
LF99LF997x75Fresh Battiscopa R10NaturalRectified
LF96LF967x75Natural Battiscopa R10NaturalRectified
LF98LF987x75Shade Battiscopa R10NaturalRectified
LF97LF977x75Sun Battiscopa R R10NaturalRectified

Tile that looks like wood

Italian porcelain stoneware tile that looks like wood planks. Larix offers the visual impact of larch wood with the strength of porcelain stoneware. Tile that looks like wood has become one of the hottest trends in the flooring industry.

Refin offers a large selection of these tiles and can give you that wood floor look so you will have a realistic wood floor pattern for maximum visual effect.


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