Reversing a model

In the FRAME collection, the graphic language exploits the most modern ceramics technologies, expressing itself through powerful decorative surfaces inspired by the matter, subjects and suggestions of tradition and interpreting the evolution of the ceramic floor concept in a contemporary key.

FRAME does not represent a return to the past, but a step towards the future that changes without forgetting its roots, stating once again the unbreakable bonds between culture, innovation and creativity that has always fuelled DesignTaleStudio’s work.

The collection o ers a new interpretation of flooring design for commercial spaces as well as private homes, holding the added value of an avant-garde vision towards research and innovation.

Majolica Tiles

 CodeSize (cm)NameThickness (mm)FinishingRectified
LD92LD9260x60Majolica Modulo R9.5NaturalRectified
LD85LD8560x60Majolica Random R9.5NaturalRectified
LD94LD9460x60Carpet Modulo R9.5NaturalRectified
LD82LD8260x60Carpet Random R9.5NaturalRectified
LD84LD8460x60Geometric Random R9.5NaturalRectified
LM21LM2160x60Emilia Flower Modulo9.5NaturalRectified
LM22LM2260x60Emilia Flower Random9.5NaturalRectified

Graphic Ceramic Tiles



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