GOL Premium Lounge Guarulhos International (GRU)

Frame Carpet at GOL Premium Lounge Guarulhos International Airport

The project refers to the 790 square meters (8.500 square feet) new Premium Lounge at São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport, that will be used by VIP passengers, shared between Brazilian leading airline GOL alongside with Delta Airlines, Air France and KLM.

The challenge for the architectural office, Olegário de Sá & Gilberto Cioni, was to keep the Brazilian atmosphere and design, while coping with technical limitations such as a relatively low ceiling, and to make it beautiful, warm and inviting.

The choice for Refin’s Frame ceramic line targeted aesthetics, with a good division of space, paying special attention to longevity, low maintenance and high resistance for scratches due to the high cart and stroller traffic.

As mentioned by GOL’s CEO, Mr. Paulo Kakinoff: “We are very pleased and proud of this project, and intend to replicate it in our other locations in Brazil and abroad”.

GOL Premium Lounge