Marble Look Tile

The new classic

Stone materials are back in the spotlight once again in the Prestigio collection: top-class natural marble from the most renowned quarries in Italy and Europe whose typical nuances of colour and original veining patterns – sometimes delicate, others more marked – are enhanced by the lapping that gives a beautifully polished finish.

The collection is thus the expression of classic style given an elegant modern twist thanks also to the large 120x240, 120x120, 75x150 and 60x60 size.

[caption id="attachment_8441" align="aligncenter" width="418"]Prestigio Mesh Details Large-size Prestigio Mesh details.[/caption]

  • 120x278 cm R
  • 120x240 cm R
  • 120x120 cm R
  • 75x150 cm R
  • 75x75 cm R
  • 60x60 cm R
  • 30x60 cm R