Marble-look porcelain stoneware

Stone materials are back in the spotlight once again in the Prestigio collection: top-class natural marble from the most renowned quarries in Italy and Europe whose typical nuances of colour and original veining patterns are enhanced by the lapping that gives a beautifully polished finish.

The collection is thus the expression of classic style given an elegant modern twist thanks also to the large ceramic slabs with 120x 278, 120×240, 120×120, 75×150 and 60×60 size.

The contrasts and brightness of a starlit sky become the inspiring concept of a surface that welcomes and gently reflects light: the ton-sur-ton vein patterns and metal-flake reflections emphasise the elegance of an unprecedented and trendy material.

Stardust is inspired by a starlit sky: its surface welcomes and reflects the light, creating delicate contrasts and metallescent reflections for a new, contemporary effect: the ton-sur-ton vein patterns and metal-flake reflections emphasise the elegance of an unprecedented and trendy material. Thanks to the charm created by the change in tone and by the iridescent shades, Stardust (75×150 and 75×75 size tiles) distinguishes modern settings, bathroom and kitchen tiles etc…, with a strong personality.

Porcelain stoneware is a particular type of ceramic tile with a hard, compact and non-porous paste. It is obtained by baking a mixture of clay and feldspars in a kiln at temperatures of 1200-1400 °C.

Often recommended owing to its low water absorption rate, porcelain stoneware is defined by UNI standards as the ceramic tile with a water absorption coefficient of less than 0.5%. This feature makes for a high degree of bending strength, in other words the stress the material can withstand without breaking. Another strength of stoneware is its impermeability and high resistance to abrasion, stains and chemicals.

During processing, porcelain stoneware undergoes various surface treatments, which modify its appearance so that it resembles other materials, such as stone, wood and concrete. The malleability of its structure allows it to be aesthetically redefined. One of the offerings which have proven most appealing is marble-look porcelain stoneware: these tiles reproduced the finest marble types, enhancing their vein patterns and sheen.

The superior seductive effect of marble-look tiles lies in the possibility of achieving ambitious designs, paving the way towards tailor-made bespoke solutions.

Porcelain stoneware that looks like Carrara marble

Considered since the age of antiquity one of the most prestigious marble varieties, Carrara marble embellishes any architecture. The characteristic white colour, streaked through with thin veins, will easily match both classical and modern surroundings. This has encouraged porcelain stoneware manufacturers – thanks to investments in the technical sector – to produce Carrara marble-look ceramic slabs. These tiles resemble this prized rock, and are excellent for domestic furnishings as well as for commercial concerns.

Marble-look porcelain stoneware for the bathroom

Who doesn’t dream of having a marble bathroom? Sometimes the material and maintenance costs however make this a solution within the reach of only a few. Incorrectly considered to be an indestructible material, marble may be susceptible to scratches and stains. Liquids may seep into its porous surface, and aggressive detergents run the risk of dulling its sheen, compromising its aesthetic appearance.

Marble-look stoneware requires no special care and therefore may constitute a less expensive alternative. These benefits are what have made marble-look tiles so popular, as they are often used for bathroom floors and wall tiles. The technical features of stoneware make it the perfect material for this room of the home: it boasts superior resistance to heat, stains and chemicals in general.

Metro-look stoneware tiles

Subway tiles, which are also referred to as metro tiles, are one of the latest trends in the interiors industry. These are the typical raised tiles used during the 20th Century for tiling the walls in subways. This product is now back in fashion, and is mainly used in retro look settings, as it reinterprets the charm of ceramic tiles with an underground feel.

The best marble-look stoneware

Ceramiche Refin, a leading brand in the ceramic tile industry and in business on international markets since 1962, offers several marble-look and stone-look porcelain stoneware collections. These products combine the sophistication of the irregular texture of natural stone with the hard-wearing resistance of stoneware. This combination enhances the appeal of indoor and outdoor settings, and can be best utilised in both commercial and domestic venues.

The brand is demonstrating its renewed interest in the characteristic harmony of natural stone. Refin’s marble-look porcelain stoneware offering is multifarious, with sober results yet aesthetically sophisticated solutions. The Prestigio collection expresses the taste for stone materials, bringing to mind prized natural marble, originating from the biggest quarries in Italy and Europe.

Marble-look porcelain stoneware: available looks

The Prestigio collection includes tiles with a polished and soft finish, and it entails multiple decoration solutions: marble-look tiles made like mosaics or with originally-shaped designs. This offering is perfectly suitable for furnishing all types of settings.

Marble-look porcelain stoneware: colours

In the Prestigio colour palette, soft shades prevail, ranging from travertine colour to Carrara marble including Calacatta white. There is also no shortage of marble effects in shades of brown and grey, and even the mesmerising Marquina Black. These types of marble have been restyled to emphasise their natural vein patterns and typical whorls and colour variations, enhanced by the polished finish.

Marble-look porcelain stoneware: dimensions and sizes

Refin’s marble-look porcelain stoneware are available in multiple sizes. These range from large sizes (120×278, 120×240, 120×120 and 75×150) to classic 60×60 and 30×60. The offering also has room for the 75×75 size and reduced sizes dedicated to special pieces and decorations.