How many tiles should be ordered?

What percentage of extra tile do you typically order?

Before ordering a certain number of porcelain tiles, it is necessary to know the extension of the surface to be tiled and have selected the installation technique and plan.

Being stated the above, it is necessary to know that:

  • even a batch of top quality tiles can contain some defective tiles (the standards allow for a 5% of defective tiles)
  • some tiles must be cut or drilled, therefore a certain number will be wasted.
  • some tiles should be kept aside for any future repairs, it is also important to spare a sample to show in case of any complaints.

All in all, about a 10% extra tiles should be ordered exceeding the actual extension of the surface to be tiled, moreover, a sole order is recommended, for the product of another lot might not be perfectly uniform with the one of the previous order.