Add Beauty and Style to Your Kitchen with Italian Ceramic Tile

If there is one thing that Italy is known for, it is its incredible, versatile, and delicious foods. Known and loved the world over, Italian cuisine is about more than eating – it is about warmth and gathering with friends and family, talking, and enjoying simple pleasures. No matter where you are or what type of cuisine you are making, you can create the inviting atmosphere of an Italian kitchen with beautiful Italian ceramic kitchen tiles, another thing for which Italy is well known.

Whether you want a sleek sophisticated room or one that evokes a charming café, Italian tile is a top-quality, gorgeous, and durable material.

How can you use these tiles to their best advantage – and to the best advantage of your kitchen? That depends on your style and your taste. Do you want a touch of Tuscany? The sophistication of Milan? Here are some ideas for using Italian floor and wall tiles in your kitchen:

Perhaps one of the more common uses for Italian tile in the kitchen is as a backsplash.


This, in addition to adding beauty and style, is useful and more budget-friendly. If you do not want to sacrifice appearance and quality, you can choose the best quality tiles and create a lovely backsplash as a focal point of your kitchen. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and textures that will complement and enhance your décor. While Italian tile are works of art in their own right, a great tile manufacturer can help you turn your backsplash into a mural or create a mosaic look. This is especially helpful if this is the only area in which you are placing tile.

There is nothing that adds to the beauty, elegance, and value of a kitchen like a tile floor. As well as being hygienic, easy to clean, and durable, it can be breathtaking. You can choose to tile your floor with pieces of the same size and color, or you can create a “carpet” effect by using geometric patterns, mosaics, and varying colors and/or patterns. You can use a border with a different pattern or even use different sized tiles. The options are endless, and each has the potential to transform your kitchen.

Floors and backsplashes both are typical – though beautiful – applications for Italian tile, but you can also use them to great effect in other areas of your kitchen. For instance, if you have a window, why not border it with tile, perhaps that which coordinates with or matches your backsplash? You can tile your walls, either to the ceiling or halfway, ending in a great border that complements the theme of your kitchen. You can also tile your island or countertops with any number of different textures, patterns, and colors to create an elegant and practical workspace.

Do you want to tile your floor, walls, backsplash, and counters?


You certainly can if your style permits, but you can also create a wonderful look and atmosphere with a judicious use of Italian porcelain tiles that accentuates and enhances your kitchen.