Porcelain tiles that look like Fabric


“Vintage” is an attribute that defines the quality and value of a product worn or manufactured in the past, not necessarily during the twentieth century as people sometimes assume. Objects defined as Vintage are often considered of high value for the superior quality of the materials used by their ancient artisans or for reasons related to culture and vintage customs. It also defines the historical and cultural heritage that special clothing, accessories, and furniture can represent.

That which is Vintage strongly differs from the generic “second-hand product” due to its original intrinsic value and for what it has acquired as a result of its quality, relative rarity, and difficult reproducibility in the present day with the same original standards. In addition, the Vintage product is a clear testimony of the style of a particular historical moment, reflecting a specific  and intriguing lifestyle.

Taking into account the most up-to-date trends, Vintage is now largely recovered and developed, often linked with other styles, to aspire to more personal and unique interpretations.

So, objects of the Design Masters are found close to other old ones or to objects designed specifically for unique pieces that create evocative ambient atmospheres, often unexpected.

The more sensitive interior designers are able to create emotional pathways that transcend the boundaries of time, and that, by mixing refined details, lead us to new ideas, full of cultural references understood with wonder by the most sensitive individuals.

The language of the whole is processed using furniture, prints, fabrics, lighting elements, lacquers, oxidations, special colors and finishings, the memory of which still resides in the corners of our minds but that only with a new expressive esthetic becomes once again a central figure in our daily lives.

In this game of shapes, materials, and evocations, the fabric is crucial, both as a palpable physical material as well as for it graphics and colors. In fact, it is fabric that manages to draw us immediately into a dimension that is simultaneously ancient and innovative, by covering walls and objects to create different rooms, generating new and different emotions ranging from surprise to joy to nostalgia.

As with textiles, ceramics also evoke past emotions, by coating floorings that create the “scenario for the show”, sometimes passively supporting the environment but more often actively determining it with a tableau of graphics lost or new interpretations of ancient materials translated into a contemporary key. Corroded metal, brass, textile patterns reproduced in ceramics blend visually with the furniture for a refined and unique design.