Refin at the XXIIIrd World Congress of Architecture in Turin

The location “Cavallerizza Maneggio Chiablese” close to Piazza Castello in Turin (Italy), during the XXIII World Congress of Architecture, would be transformed in a melting pot of cultures, happenings and curiosities.

The event is included in off-congress calendar and it is an idea and realization of CASARTARC in partnership with JOB Japan Organizing Board UIA 2011.
Two exhibits, provided by Asian partners, would embrace the empty hall of Cavallerizza that, night by night, would be filled with Congress guests.

Relations, exchanges, cultures would knot inside the space, thought in order to invite meetings and curiosities. On the wall some pictures would offer the opportunity to taste the Japanese creativity in the field of architecture. Suspended panels would present the ARCASIA Association exhibit, a rich overview on historical and architectural heritage and on new tendencies of Asian countries.

In the central area there will be the Lounge by Ceramiche Refin that will have the double function of dining and stage where short interviews would take place.

The space, organized by Laura Villani, dedicated to the fashion designer Krizia, will be enriched with the exposition of the Parete d’Autore designed by Krizia for DesignTaleStudio, and presented last April during the event Design On Stage 2008 at Triennale di Milano.

Torino, Cavallerizza Maneggio Chiablese, Via Verdi 9

Exhibits 30th June – 2nd July 11,00 – 23,00
3rd July – 21 July 14,00 – 20,00 closed on Monday

30th June:
18,00 – 21,00 buffet dinner for Japanese architects taking part to
XXIII World Congress UIA 2008

(invitation needed)
h.21,00exhibits New Horizon of Japanese Architecture ARCASIA Today: Contemporary
Architecture and the Heritage of Asia Region and Pecha Kucha Night.

(free entrance, accreditation needed)

1st July:
19,00 – 23,00 buffet dinner International delegations of
XXIII World Congress UIA 2008 with, Krizia special guest

(invitation needed)

2nd July:
18,00 – 23,00 buffet dinner for Asian architects of ARCASIA Association
21,00 presentation of The Plan Magazine Japan special edition

(invitation needed)

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