Ceramiche Refin at Globalshop 2018

March 27 – 29, 2018

Ceramiche Refin, Stand 2429


Ceramiche Refin will attend the important American fair GlobalShop of Chicago 2018.

At next GLOBAL SHOP,  Ceramiche Refin will be presenting its collections tiles for floor and wall designed especially for architects and designers:  from the new Overlay to the Deck (wooden tile), through Fossil (design tile) and the classic Prestigio (tile like marble).

Overlay: Overlay is the result Refin research, the transfer of a particular  painting technique to ceramics, creating shaded effects generated  by “brush strokes” layered on a concrete base. A virtual overlay that  conveys strong material sensations, defining a collection with a decisive and expressive character. Overlay gives spaces an urban,  graphic and slightly raw mood. Overlay is available in many sizes, rectangular and square, also with honed and soft finishes. Thanks to the know-how developed over the years  with its many collections, Refin has developed types of surface finishes for porcelain stoneware that offer different visual results and that also have specific characteristics in relation to their intended use.

Deck: Deck comes in six mainly warm shades, ranging from the lighter Dawn and Flare, with a clearly North European air, through the intermediate shades of Day and Bright to the darker Dusk and Blaze; the patterns also follow this gradual shift, becoming more marked as the colour darkens, enriched with a variety of degrees of shading for a more or less even effect. Thanks to its subtle appeal, evident in the shades and patterns available, Deck is suitable both for domestic and retail areas, where it helps to create a natural effect of rare beauty even in a varied setting.

Fossil: The FOSSIL tile collection revisits the prehistorical imprints left by plants and animals in rock formations, designed as ornamental patterns destined for contemporary interiors. The preliminary designs were particularly inspired by the signs left by the grooved shells of extinct ammonites. The hand-drawn pattern gives it a unique appearance, similar to the imprints of primordial creatures impressed on the surface of the stone. In our own imagination, each of us can see different figures in the subtle patterns. The imprints break up and overlap just like the signs of time in archaeological digs. Moving in different directions, the FOSSIL surface creates optical illusions of voids and other more densely patterned areas, producing a simple, natural and elegant atmosphere for indoor settings.

Prestigio: Stone materials are back in the spotlight once again in the Prestigio collection: top-class natural marble from the most renowned quarries in Italy and Europe whose typical nuances of colour and original veining patterns – sometimes delicate, others more marked – are enhanced by the lapping that gives a beautifully polished finish. The collection is thus the expression of classic style given an elegant modern twist thanks also to the large 120×240, 120×120, 75×150 and 60×60 size.



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