Cersaie 2009: Refin introduces new lines

On the occurrence of Cersaie 2009 Refin introduces: Design trend: tracce, the new ceramic tile collection by Refin – Newtech: the Pro-gres collection – Superslim: “Skin” porcelain stoneware – enviromentally friendly: for the first time ever, 20% post-consumer recycled crt glass has been used in a ceramics mix

Past and future, tradition and innovation, history and news. These apparently contrasting themes were the basis for the new collection by Ceramiche Refin: TRACCE. The fading fingerprints of abandoned industrial sites, the historical remains of architectural digs are revealed to create interweaving layers of materials and overlapping wefts inspired by flaking walls, deteriorating cement and crumbling plaster. The tell-tale signs on building material ravaged by time appear on the surface of TRACCE, as a testament to the importance of our history as well as the flair for continual development, creative research and ceramic technical evolution in the field of eco-sustainability. A mix of core values that sum up Refin and its mission, but also what is at the forefront of design today.

The new decoration process, completely compatible with traditional methods thanks to digital printing, creates new opportunities for the ceramic industry. This is one of the main features of the Pro-gres collection, as all the characteristics so synonymous with Refin Ceramiche, such as innovation, eco-sustainability and design.
The sharpness of the image, the countless possible graphics as well as the opportunity to print onto any kind of textured surfaces are the advantages, which, combined with the established technology and the ceramic experience of Refin, mean a unique, unparalleled product.

Skin, the brand-new slim thickness porcelain stoneware which is only 4.8 mm thick, has the same technical and resistance features of standard thickness porcelain stoneware tiles. Thus Skin, thanks to its reduced thickness, is particularly suitable for renovation projects, as it allows for an installation onto pre-existing coverings without the need to demolish, meaning a considerable saving in terms of time and costs. Even the sizes of Skin, the most innovative porcelain stoneware available, have been specifically created to facilitate its transportation and installation.

The eco-sustainable policy of Refin, which contribute to the achievement of high LEED ratings, is also present in the Pro-gres collection, as, for the first time ever, 20% post-consumer recycled CRT glass has been used in a ceramics mix.

For the first time in the ceramic industry, a product containing post-consumer recycled material, an eco-sustainable product in line with the requisites set by the LEED building rating system, is launched.

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