Wood look tile kitchen

Porcelain stoneware tile that looks like wood is perfect for floors in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Old can meet new in your cosy kitchen. Prominent clear color cabinetry echo the wood look tile effect to add a contrasting, organic element to the room.

Wood look tile kitchen emphasis on large wood-look planks, eye-catching patterns, shapes and designs, and bring a bright new look to the kitchen environment. It’s ideal for large families with kids and dogs that run in and out from the room because porcelain and the wood tile effect in several different motives are easy to clean and maintain and combines elegance with strength. Its diverse color range allows you to complement your wall colors and countertops, regardless of which hues you choose to accentuate.

The variety of colors and textures means you can tailor the floor to perfectly match your room atmosphere. What kind of atmosphere are you looking for? Refin textured wood look tile floors make your home look warm, current and beautifully sophisticated.

Discover some amazing design ideas for wood effects browsing our Refin’s wood look tile kitchen selection.