Slate look tile kitchen

Do you like rough textures that reminds to natural stones? If you are looking for material effects a slate look tile kitchen floor is the perfect choice for you. Slate look tile kitchen are beautiful, unique and versatile. Perfect for both rustic and modern looks. Recreate a natural relaxing look with slate floor look tiles that offer the luxurious aesthetic of real slate while being durable enough to withstand the rigours of a busy home.

A rich and heterogeneous collection of stone materials with varied origins, several hues and traits, all elegant and with outstanding graphic designs perfectly in line with the latest trends are available among the options of Refin’s slate look kitchen tiles.

The combination of clear colours slab counters and the flooring gives this kitchen its breath-taking modern elegance. Use different shades of natural slate stone for countertop, flook and the backsplash to create a sophisticated and cohesive important look

Refin’s slatelook porcelain tiles re-interpret on stoneware the unique features of the most famous types of slates, thanks to careful research to exalt the veining and polish on refined surfaces. Browse Refin’s collection of slate look tile kitchen.