Kitchen wall tiles

What is the chosen mood of your kitchen furniture? Refin kitchen walls matches easily with different styles. Kitchen wall tiles are perfect to add character to your cooking space.

Renovate your kitchen wall tiles browsing from the large selection of Refin’s wall tiles catalogue.

Refin’s kitchen wall tiles are stylish, durable and designed to be matched with your floor tiles. Create a modern, gloss finish with our slats or brick-size tiles to get a urban style look or keep a classic taste with our slate or marble effect wall tiles.

Combine different styles such as wood look tiles with the strong character of concrete in an elegant, sophisticated stoneware combination. The blend of two different effects will bring a lot of personality to your kitchen.

And if you are more traditional and looking for an evergreen touch, explore Refin’s collection of neutral colours to bright up your space. Our white, cream, grey and beige wall tiles matches also with modern, minimalistic and many other floor tiles styles.

We love also the glowing glass effect from Vetri collection. It gives a great glam energy to a modern large space.

Refin will help you find out the perfect tile to suit your décor and style.