Grey kitchen floor tiles

Looking for everlasting tile effect in your kitchen? Grey is the perfect choice.

Grey kitchen floor tiles can be fashionable or aspirational. Generally speaking the grey colour gives a sense of belonging, inclusion and acceptance.

Grey kitchen floor tiles are often associated with industrial environments but it depends on the shade and texture of grey you look for. Refin has a huge choice of grey kitchen tiles to select from. Think on grey natural stone tiles for kitchen floors to give a peaceful touch and calm down naturally in your kitchen environment.

Sometimes grey floor tiles are coordinated with grey wall tiles. However, to add a precious touch and to pop up from your kitchen tiles, keep an eye out for the collections implementing materialistic pairings in addition to sophisticated and contemporary ornamental motifs.

In particular, the Stardust collection presents geometric elements with metallic finishes illuminating surfaces from below with a shining effect. These patterns are seemingly essential, both chromatically and ornamentally and perfect for your kitchen wall tiles.

Grey floor tiles are available in a range of sizes and finishes and look great in an important space such as the kitchen. Browse Refin’s catalogue and chose your style.