Preview Cersaie 2011

Preview Cersaie 2011 – I Mosaici d’Autore

The research path which Ceramiche Refin has set out along with Massimiliano Adami, within the creative exploration of Design Tale Studio – a virtual space to exchange ideas, creativity and familiarity with design and matter – led to the creation of Mosaici d’Autore: a project where ceramic mosaic is observed from different, as yet unexplored points of view, a path along which uncharted creative uses of porcelain stoneware are discovered.

During Cersaie 2011 three different expressions of this new project will be showcased, the Mosaici d’Autore:

1. Mosaico d’Autore 1 – first appearing in an exclusive preview at the FuoriSalone under the name Beside, the idea has now made its way into production. Beside is the ceramic product used in a never-before-seen way, born following close examination of a porcelain stoneware tile in its raw form, particularly its back. Its reverse side (or B-side), the most unexpected, surprising side, becomes the protagonist: its characteristic squared structure creates a graphic pattern which makes the geometry of mosaic resurface by playing with the ceramic glazes colors and reflections.

2. Mosaico d’Autore 2 – is the mosaic that revisits the traditional material of ceramic, such as graniglie and metals, already rediscovered and used by DTS in their original size Pareti and Tagli d’Autore. The eagerly awaited outcome is an absolutely versatile decorative proposal, which unlike modern mosaics made in porcelain stoneware, lends itself to innovative uses, even in combination with other materials.

3. Mosaico d’Autore 3 – so far, the research has focused on light, a key element in architecture that should interact with the 3D in relief with the goal of creating variance effects and chromatic dynamicity with surfaces. The research has already gone along multiple tangents which lead to various still-to-be completely expressed directions.

At the heart of these new expressions is a new point of view, which perfectly embodies all three projects:
– change in the point of view in which tiles are traditionally viewed, focusing on the so far unexplored reverse side;
– rediscovery of the materials that were the starting point of the most traditional ceramic matter and which are rediscovered under a new light;
– new perspectives on the use of light and its interaction with the structures of ceramic materials.

Pavillon 36 Stand B32/C37 and B33

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