Black and white porcelain stoneware tile Bathroom

Black and White Porcelain Stoneware Tile in Bathroom

Luxurious black & White Bathroom Tile by Refin


Patterned flooring, large subway tiles, and brass fixtures inject personality into a black and white bathroom.

Looking for classic patterns? Top designers can’t get enough of black and white color scheme to use for floors and walls. To create a chic new look for your bathroom, consider a black and white palette that feels fresh and luxurious, going beyond just using tile.

There is nothing better than a classic black and white colour style. Whether you’re partial to rustic retreats or modern spaces, this color combination is always full of style. Plus, it’s regularly a popular choice for some of today’s top interior designers. If you’re ready to craft a bathroom with timeless appeal, Refin has a large black and white bathroom tiles choice.

Imagine an extravagant bathroom with neutral color tiles all over and a big bathtub to relax after a long day out. Refin tiles in black and white are contemporary, relaxing and recreate a sensuous taste.