Coverings 2020 Virtual Experience

Ceramiche Refin had once again chosen Coverings 2020, the most important ceramics and natural stone exhibition in North America, to present its new spring collections to the US market.
Like many other international events, Coverings 2020, which was to be held from April 20th to 23rd at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, was unfortunately cancelled due to the international health emergency.

With much of the world in lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic,  the company is trying to respond to extraordinary circumstances being virtually nearer to its customers in this difficult situation of  forced social distancing.

Therefore, Refin has chosen to virtually recreate the stand designed for the show and confirm the launch of the Spring 2020 collections through a digital experience that will allow the public to visit the space that Refin would have set up at Coverings and see a preview of the new products.

The Virtual Expererience:

The message that Ceramiche Refin wants to convey is its ability to offer a wide and always updated product range of cutting-edge porcelain tile solutions, confirming its position as leading trend-setting company in an ever-changing market scenario.

New Refin’s Collections

Prestigio Onyx:

Prestige and glossy sheen are the characteristics that identify Prestigio Onyx, a collection that reinterprets onyx, the most luxurious of natural stones, in a contemporary style.

The material is updated through a harmonious language that speaks of sophisticated textures and contemporary shades. The attention to details define a surface with refined aesthetic depth.

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Pedra Azul:

Pedra Azul draws inspiration from a limestone sourced from the Iberian Peninsula.

The surface is characterised by a slightly wavy graphic, in which light areas and dark ring marks alternate in a gentle harmony of forms.  The presence of delicate fossil inclusions embellishes and defines a skilfully balanced surface.

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Prestigio: Macaubas and Wings


Has been inspired by the elegance of a quartzite from South America, a product with a majestic, elegant appearance due to the singularity of the cut.  The Macaubas blocks are in fact cut crosswise, which makes them different from all the other veined marbles precisely for the movement of its veining.



Stems from a careful research for an elegant and at the same time original marble and faithfully reproduces a breccia-type marble stone, from quarries in the Middle East. It is characterised by a unique colouring, consisting of inserts and grains and sharp edges in different sizes.

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