Affrescati wins #MetropolisLikes award 2021

Our Affrescati collection has been named a winner in the prestigious  #MetropolisLikes 2021 award.
The #MetropolisLikes award, promoted by the Metropolis magazine, celebrates the best collections and the most innovative trends launched during NYCxDESIGN’s annual Festival.
Affrescati is one of the 12 best products of 2021, selected by a panel of experienced Metropolis editors across hundreds of submissions from around the world and chosen for their attention to environmental responsibility, material innovation, and creative expression.

The collection offers an original and eclectic interpretation of the Italian artistic heritage enclosed in the tradition of wall decorations. The multifaceted qualities of stoneware have made it possible, for the first time, to convey the charm of the fresco to the floor. 

The story of Affrescati starts so long ago, from suggestions linked to the fascination of the frescoes of Pompeii, Amalfi Cathedral and the starry vault of the Scrovegni Chapel. It is intimately connected to the impressions gathered during a deep immersion in the Italian tradition of wall decorations, performed above all to search for new ways of conceiving spaces.

The result is a real fresco, created in the cutting-edge laboratory of Refin and transformed into an exclusive decorative ceramic surface, deeply textured and rich in colour contrasts.

The collection is characterised by its exquisitely textured surfaces, enriched by spatula marks, imperceptible waves and a careful chromatic stratification. The sponge technique in particular transforms each slab into a surface steeped in craftsmanship with a unique and unpredictable character. The sensation of being in front of a fresco is further reinforced by the presence of cracks and chemical reactions dotting the surfaces, but also by the scrupulous choice of colours – Calce, Ocra, Ombra, Lapis and Terra -, all shades that clearly recall the colours of the wall art, together with their typical heritage and dusty appearance.

The reaction between the background lime and the pigments makes it possible to attenuate the chromatic tones and generate a range of different shades, with a slightly worn-out effect.

With Affrescati, the fresco becomes the link between past and present, triggering new design surfaces and instilling authentic emotions in every context.


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