Material Xperience 2015

Ceramiche Refin at Material Xperience with its new District collection together with FOSSIL, the collection designed by KASIA ZAREBA, Polish by birth but Dutch by choice, winner of the international Create Your Tile competition launched by Refin for the DesignTaleStudio brand.

Ceramiche Refin exhibits at the duch fair dedicated to architectural materials its collections District and Fossil, which already met with great acclaim from the public at the last edition of Cersaie in Bologna, and which represent not only the company’s production versatility but also the ability of ceramics to interpret different “moods”, bringing a unique style to any interior.

One example of this is District, a collection that reproduces the appearance of industrial materials, recreating atmospheres that conjure up poetic images of modern urban settings. The perfect choice for interiors offering a blend of classic and modern, as well as spaces with an underground flavour, where industrial reclamation is the name of the interior design game.

A ceramic collection with finishes reminiscent of asphalt (Road), matching vintage materials with the typical metallic effect of workshops, or marbles found in old butchers and barbers shops (Garage), or inspired by the aged wood flooring in sports halls and the small brick tiles covering internal walls (Track). For Material Xperience the company chose to present District Garage in the colour variant Toffee, Sugar and Mint.

The FOSSIL collection designed by Kasia Zareba for DesignTaleStudio revisits the prehistorical imprints left by plants and animals in rock formations, designed as ornamental patterns destined for contemporary interiors.

The preliminary designs were particularly inspired by the signs left by the grooved shells of extinct ammonites. The hand-drawn pattern gives it a unique appearance, similar to the imprints of primordial creatures impressed on the surface of the stone. In our own imagination, each of us can see different figures in the subtle patterns. The imprints break up and overlap just like the signs of time in archaeological digs.

Moving in different directions, the FOSSIL surface creates optical illusions of voids and other more densely patterned areas, producing a simple, natural and elegant atmosphere for indoor settings.

Kasia Zareba grew up in Poland, where she studied architecture before moving to the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands. After graduating in 2012, she opened her own design firm in Eindhoven. Kasia Zareba is a multi-faceted designer who is at ease working with a wide range of materials.
Her style is always a balanced mix of design, art and installation, and her works run from small to large, concrete surfaces and textures, fantasy and technology.

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