Wood look tile bathroom

Bathroom with wood-like tiles

Looking for natural patterns? If you are fond of wood effect, Refin can create a feeling of luxury and quality in your bathroom without looking any further. Refin is the right brand to choose to ensure you quality and tendency. Wood look plank tile can be used in kitchens or bathrooms, on the floor or on the wall.

With wood look tile, you can now get the look of a traditional wood floor with the durability of tile. Wood look tile bathroom, made of stoneware, is highly durable and has a realistic appearance similar with a similar look to the wood grain. Wood effect gives a classic design a practical twist, elevating the look of any home.

Wood’s attractive appearance remains popular and can be enjoyed with easier maintenance and greater durability with this tile.

Choose wood-look tile from a wide range of colors, like durmast tree in the Deck collection, chestnut in Giant and oak in the product line Trail; other recreate different types of inlays or particular wooden formats from the French herringbone slats to the Hungarian Chevron to the coffered floors of Mansion Baita. It comes in different plank lengths and widths, ensuring an option to fit any style.


Bathroom effect: solid ideas for a natural make over.

Back home after a long day out and the first thoughts are to get rid of your stress in your spa-look bathroom. Step barefoot to prepare your bathtub with hot water, some drops of your favourite calming essential oil and sea-salt crystals. In the background some soft music to chill out. Immerse yourself in the water and enjoy the natural elegance of your bathroom. Look around, breathe out and suddenly feel like you were on holiday. Do you fancy to go to Japan?

Admire the minimalistic features of your furniture highlighted by the stoneware wood look tiles by Refin’s design.

If you are looking for a daily resolution, choose among several wood-tiles patterns by Refin.