Luxury bathroom floor tiles

Find the perfect bathroom flooring is not easy. If you are thinking about redoing your shower or bathroom floor, Ceramiche Refin – luxurious Italian brand of porcelain and stoneware combine beauty and functionality to realise for perfect flooring.

Get inspired from our selection of floor tile:

Whether you’re replacing an old shabby bathroom flooring tile or installing a new one, you can’t beat stoneware tiles for durability and appearance. Ceramiche Refin is virtually a forever floor tiling that requires almost no care and maintenance and you can select materials from a vast array of colors and textures. Refin guarantees a high possibility of personalisation to create customise solutions for any kind of interior design tile needs.

Stoneware is an excellent alternative to other materials such as wood, natural stone or resins with an extraordinarily aesthetic result ensuring technical performances over time.



Luxury bathroom effect: solid ideas for an elegant make over.


The bathroom is the place where you allow yourself to relax and take care of yourself.

Emotion permeates at the very heart of your spaces with the vast selection of colour choices and flooring effect tiles of Refin’s design.

Smooth or rough? Feel the sensation of your bathroom floor tiles walking on the top of the toes. Look around at the wavy harmony of soft colors and allow you to deep relax in the atmosphere of a charming bathroom design to last.

Technique and decoration are the main features of Refin’s tiles, elements that blend together to create the bathroom project.